Gunman Opens Fire Near Texas A&M University, Multiple Casualties Reported

Reports: 2 officers, one civilian wounded in the attack; local media reports one officer dead.

Multiple people, including law enforcement officers, were shot on Monday after a gunman opened fire near Texas A&M University, police in College Station, Texas, said.

Media reports said to be confirmed by the police claim two law enforcement officers and one civilian were wounded in the attack.

However, The eagle, a College Station daily newspaper, is reporting on its website that one of the two officers has died. Local media is also reporting that at least three civilians were taken to St. Joseph's Hospital and more were wounded.

The city of College Station is located some 90 miles northwest of Houston, Texas.

"We have multiple people who have been shot," police spokeswoman Rhonda Seaton told CNN, adding that law enforcement officers had also been shot.

Police had the shooting suspect in custody, according to the university's website. The extent of victims' injuries was not immediately clear.

The university issued a "code maroon" shortly after noon, warning students and employees that an "active shooter" was in the area west of campus and asking them to stay away.

The gunman fired shots from inside a home about two blocks from the campus, according to the university's alert.

"We have been told to stay put," said Keith Randall, a Texas AiM employee who was in his office. "They just asked us to stay where we are."

Last week, a gunman killed six and critically wounded three at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in suburban Milwaukee during Sunday services. The shooter was killed by the police.

Four people were shot dead inside the sprawling temple. Three, including the gunman, were killed outside.

In July, A masked gunman killed 12 people at a screening of the new Batman movie in a suburb of Denver. U.S. law enforcement officials said the suspect in the shooting is 24-year-old citizen James Holmes.

Authorities say Holmes was stockpiling thousands of bullets and ballistic gear online without raising any suspicion.