Fox News' Beer Cheers to Kavanaugh Results in Viral Internet Comedy

Laura Ingraham and her guest wanted to celebrate Trump's Supreme Court victory with a beer

Image from Fox News show the "Ingraham Angle"
Image from Fox News show the "Ingraham Angle"Credit: Screen shot

A Fox News contributor fell out of his chair Friday night while trying to take a selfie of a celebratory beer with host Laura Ingraham.

Raymond Arroyo was on Ingraham’s show to discuss the pending confirmation of Trump Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. “OK, before I go,” Arroyo said light-heartedly,“I thought just to bring it all together, Laura.”

Arroyo then pulled out a six pack of beer to mark to occasion - a nod to Kavanaugh’s beer drinking days, which were the backdrop for the sexual assault charges against him.

Laura Ingram's guest a Fox News Contributor falls off chair while taking selfie.

“I like beer,” said Ingraham as the two leaned in for a picture together. "Go the edge," Ingraham encouraged just as Arroyo fell out of his chair to the floor.

Ingraham instantly looked into the camera and began a news segment. But, she later took to Twitter saying it was all a joke: “For all of you concerned viewers, @RaymondArroyo’s fall during our Kavanaugh-Toast selfie was a JOKE … a pratfall after a long week. #laughter #selfiecide.”