Flights to and From Europe Hit by Severe Winter Storms

Ben-Gurion Airport makes arrangements to host the 75 ultra-Orthodox passengers stranded in airport on the Sabbath.

Stormy weather and blizzards in Europe disrupted air traffic to and from Israel over the weekend.

Heathrow snow- AP- Dec 18, 2010

Lufthansa canceled its Flight 686, which was to have taken off Friday morning from Frankfurt to Tel Aviv following delays due to the snow and a technical malfunction, which then led to the cancelation of flight 687 out of Tel Aviv scheduled for Friday afternoon.

Lufthansa's spokesman in Israel, Tal Muskal, told Haretz that some of the 280 passengers left stranded in Frankfurt when their flight was canceled were transfered to the company's night flight yesterday, and accommodations were arranged for the rest.

The EasyJet flight from Geneva to Tel Aviv was also delayed and the flight landed at Ben-Gurion International Airport close to the beginning of the Sabbath. The airport made arrangements to host the flight's 75 ultra-Orthodox passengers: El Al provided blankets and pillows, a corridor near the synagogue was designated a sleeping area, and the employees' dining room was commandeered for Sabbath dinner.

However, all the Haredi passengers left the airport for alternative accommodations.