Facebook Group Reclassifies Blair Autobiography as 'Crime' Book

Photographs posted on networking site show ex-PM's book, 'A Journey', on bookstore shelves under the headings 'Painful Lives' and 'Dark Fantasy'.

A campaign on the social networking website Facebook is urging readers to reclassify the autobiography of British former prime minister Tony Blair as a 'crime' book.

 "Put one of Tony Blair's books in the crime section of your bookshop," is the name given to the group by its founders, who aim to bring attention to what they belive was illegal behavior by the ex-leader, whose memoirs hit the shelves this week.
Blair, who currently serves as the envoy of the 'Quartet' of Middle East peace negotiators, courted controversy with his staunch backing of the American invasion of Iraq in 2003. The disputed legality of the invasion provoked fierce debate across the world, including within his own government.
Photographs posted on the page showed Blair's book, 'A Journey', placed on bookstore shelves under the category headings 'Painful Lives' and 'Dark Fantasy'.
On Saturday, protesters hurled shoes and eggs Saturday at Tony Blair who held the first public signing of his memoir amid high security in Ireland.
One commenter on the Facebook page urged readers not to stop with Blair but to add books by other contentious politicians, including George W. Bush, Henry Kissinger and Barack Obama, to their local bookshop's 'crime' section.
And one of the page's administrators suggested readers may like to transfer copies of the bible to the 'fantasy' section while they were at it, while as of Sunday evening, a total of 858 Facebook members had taken the time to register a 'like' rating for the page.

Tony Blair's book in London AP Sept. 1, 2010