Ezra Pound’s Daughter Fights Fascist Group's Use of Her Father's Name

Following killing spree by member of Italian Fascist group CasaPound, Ezra Pound's daughter has filed a lawsuit against the group, the Guardian reports.

Ezra Pound’s daughter, Mary de Rachewiltz, is demanding the Italian fascist group CasaPound, named after her father, change its name, the Guardian reported.

De Rachewiltz, 86, has filed a lawsuit against the organization, after one of its members went on a killing spree, murdering two Senegalese immigrants and injured three more, in Florence.

Italy Dec. 17, 2011 (AFP)

The organization founded in Rome in 2003, spreading to other Italian cities, takes its name from the American poet, known for his support for fascism and the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.

"A politically compromised organization like this has no business using the name Pound," De Rachewiltz told the Guardian, "Pound was not leftwing or rightwing and you have to understand The Cantos to understand that. “

Simone di Stefano, a CasaPound official, rejected her demand to change their organization’s name, telling the Guardian: "She doesn't really know about us. We are not racist or violent."

"Pound is not a trademark and anyone can refer to his ideas," he added.