Windows Smashed at Warsaw Muslim Center; Attackers Unknown

Polish police are searching for the thugs who smashed a dozen windows at the Muslim cultural center, which included a mosque

People walk near the Palace of Culture and Science in the morning in Warsaw, Poland November 23, 2017.

Warsaw police say they are searching for attackers who have smashed windows in the city's Muslim cultural center.

The police were notified early Monday that some dozen windows were smashed during the night in the center that was opened in 2015 and includes a mosque. No one was hurt.

Warsaw police spokesman Mariusz Mrozek said CCTV monitoring was being reviewed and has appealed for people who might have any information about the attack to come forward.

Warsaw's Muslim community has a few thousand members.

Acts of hatred and xenophobia are being reported more frequently in Poland since the Law and Justice party came to power two years ago. The government promotes Catholicism and refuses to take in non-Catholic refugees as part of an EU relocation plan.