U.K.'s Cameron to Corbyn: 'For Heaven's Sake Man, Go!'

British PM says it's not in national interest for Corbyn to remain in his post after a large majority of Labour MPs passed a no-confidence motion.

A video grab from footage broadcast by the U.K.'s Parliamentary Recording Unit shows British Prime Minister David Cameron as he speaks in the House of Commons in London, U.K., June 29, 2016.

REUTERS — U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron, who promised to resign after Britain voted to leave the European Union, had some advice for Jeremy Corbyn, his opposite number in the Labour Party, on Wednesday: "For heaven's sake man, go!"

An overwhelming majority of Labour lawmakers passed a no confidence motion in Corbyn on Tuesday and almost all his senior policy team have withdrawn their support in protest at his leadership, but Corbyn has refused to step down.

Cameron, speaking in parliament, said it was not in the national interest for Corbyn to remain in his post.

"For heaven's sake man, go," Cameron said, drawing cheers from members of both parties. "It might be in my party's interest for him to sit there, it's not in the national interest."

Cameron's unusually blunt comments illustrate the pressure Corbyn is under to quit after Britain voted to leave the EU following a campaign in which critics say Corbyn did not do enough to persuade voters to back 'Remain'.

Former Labour leader Ed Miliband said on BBC radio he thought Corbyn's position was "untenable" while former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown told Sky TV: "I don't think Jeremy Corbyn is going to stay. I think he's going to go."