Syrian Charged for anti-Semitic Attack on Kippa-wearing Israeli Arab in Berlin

The victims said he's not Jewish, but wore the skullcap to test the anti-Semitic waters in Germany

A man wears a Jewish skullcap, as he attends a demonstration against an anti-Semitic attack  in Berlin, Wednesday, April 25, 2018.
Markus Schreiber/AP

A 19-year-old Syrian man has been charged in an assault in Berlin last month on an Israeli wearing a skullcap.

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The victim has said he's not Jewish but wore the skullcap as an experiment because he didn't believe a friend who told him it was too dangerous to wear one in public in Germany.

Berlin prosecutors said Friday that the suspect, identified only as Knaan Al S. because of German privacy rules, was charged with bodily harm and slander.

The victim, an Arab Israeli, caught the April 17 assault in a video showing the attacker whipping him with a belt while shouting "Yehudi!" — Arabic for "Jew."

The incident fueled concerns about anti-Semitism in Germany and drew condemnation from Chancellor Angela Merkel. The suspect turned himself in to police two days later.