Scottish National Party Suspends Activist Over anti-Israel Facebook Posts

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            Amjed Hussain and Nicola Sturgeon at the Scottish National Party's election manifesto launch.
Amjed Hussain and Nicola Sturgeon at the Scottish National Party's election manifesto launch.Credit: Screenshot from

The Scottish National Party is the latest political party in the United Kingdom to become embroiled in controversy over alleged anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic attitudes, reportedly sidelining a party activist over anti-Israel Facebook posts days before the upcoming Scottish Parliament elections.

According to a report in the Scotsman, Amjed Hussain, who has been on the campaign trail with SNP candidates and parliamentarians and is Facebook friends with several government ministers, shared a photo reading "Israel has no history - only a criminal record." He also shared a video claiming the Mossad was responsible for the September 11th attacks and linked ISIS to Israel.

“ISIS is the only terrorist organisation that will travel 2,000 miles to attack Brussels, but can’t travel 52 miles to attack Israel – because the dog does not bite its own tail," the post read.

After opposition politicians and pro-Israel groups expressed outrage over Hussain's posts, SNP on Tuesday reportedly instructed campaign teams to distance themselves from the Edinburgh native, who is not an official party member.

Hussain said in response that “I want people to have a discussion. I am questioning things. “They are somebody else’s posts. I am just sharing them.”

The brewing scandal mirrors the British Labour Party's current crisis. Labour has reportedly suspended over 50 members over anti-Semitic and racist remarks over the last two months, with 20 members being suspended in the last two weeks alone.

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