Relative of Syria's Assad Is an Asylum Seeker in a German Refugee Camp

The woman, the widow of one of Assad's cousin, has been treated with hostility by other Syrians while staying in refugee accommodation

Two women walk inside a residential house at the Sumte refugee shelter in Sumte, Amt Neuhaus, northern Germany, May 2, 2016.
Michael Sohn / AP

A relative of Syrian President Bashar Assad is living in refugee camp in northwestern Germany and has applied for asylum, local officials said on Monday.

The woman is the widow of one of Assad's cousins, said Ralf Holtsteige, who heads the public order office in Warendorf. 

Her application for asylum was refused but she has lodged a complaint against the decision, he said. 

"We do not know the grounds for the application," he said.

She has been repeatedly treated with hostility by her fellow countrymen while staying in refugee accommodation.