Polish Nationalists Demonstrate Against U.S. Pressure Over Holocaust Claims

Demonstrators march to U.S. Embassy in Warsaw to protest U.S. calls for Poland to compensate Jews whose families lost property during the Holocaust

File photo: Participants attend the annual "March of the Living" to commemorate the Holocaust at the former Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz near Oswiecim, Poland, May 2, 2019.

Thousands of Polish nationalists have marched to the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw, protesting that the U.S. is putting pressure on Poland to compensate Jews whose families lost property during the Holocaust.

The protesters included far-right groups and their supporters. They said the United States has no right to interfere in Polish affairs and that the U.S. government is putting "Jewish interests" over the interests of Poland.

The nationalists say that Poland was a major victim of Nazi Germany during World War II and that it is not fair to ask Poland to compensate Jewish victims when Poland has never received adequate compensation from Germany.

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"Why should we have to pay money today when nobody gives us anything?" said 22-year-old Kamil Wencwel. "Americans only think about Jewish and not Polish interests."