Neo-Nazis Attacked in Germany by Masked Assailants After a Rally

Six neo-Nazis were returning from a rally when they were attacked by about 15 masked assailants. Reports say two people needed hospital treatment

FILE PHOTO: Neo-Nazi groups attend the "Day of Honour" in Budapest, Hungary, February 10, 2018

Police in the eastern German city of Dresden say six neo-Nazis on their way home from a rally were attacked by a group of masked assailants believed to be leftist extremists.

The dpa news agency reported Monday two of the neo-Nazis were beaten so badly they needed hospital treatment.

The six neo-Nazis, aged between 27 and 35, were attacked by about 15 people on their way back to their cars after a rally of about 500 far-right extremists Saturday.

The demonstration was being held in advance of the anniversary of the Allied firebombing of Dresden on Feb. 13-14, 1945. Some 25,000 people died in the bombing, according to a 2008 official study. German neo-Nazis maintain the death toll was far higher.

Official commemorations promoting peace and reconciliation are scheduled Tuesday.