Neo-Nazi Convicted for Holocaust Denial Extradited to Germany

Horst Mahler, who fled Germany to avoid a prison sentence, has been handed over by Hungarian police

Horst Mahler is guarded by a Hungarian policeman as he waits to be handed over to German police officers at Budapest Airport in Hungary, June 13, 2017.
Zoltan Mihadak/AP

Hungarian police said they have handed over to German authorities a neo-Nazi who fled Germany to avoid a prison sentence for Holocaust denial and anti-Semitic incitement.

Horst Mahler was detained in the western Hungarian city of Sopron on May 15 based on an international arrest warrant, and a Budapest court ordered his extradition to Germany last week.

Police said Thursday that Mahler was transferred into German custody at Budapest's Ferenc Liszt Airport.

Mahler, 81, was a founding member of the left-wing Red Army Faction militant group. He later turned to the far right and has had numerous neo-Nazi-related convictions.

Mahler fled Germany after being allowed to leave prison two year ago due to serious illness. He was serving a 10-year sentence.