'Naughty' Theresa May Memes Sweep the Internet

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Twitter meme mocking British Prime Minister Theresa May's 'naughtiest moment'
Twitter meme mocking British Prime Minister Theresa May's 'naughtiest moment'Credit: Screen grab/Twitter

British Prime Minister Theresa May found herself in a political minefield during a recent television interview, after being asked a question that all politicians fear.

In the interview which aired Tuesday, two nights before the U.K.'s snap election, ITV's Julie Etchingham joked with May about her priviliged upbringing as the daughter of a vicar, going as far as to ask May, "What's the naughtiest thing you ever did?"

"Oh goodness, me. Well, I suppose...Gosh. You know, I'm not quite sure. Nobody is ever perfectly behaved, are they? I have to confess that when me and my friends used to run through the fields of wheat, the farmers weren't too pleased about that."

May's answer immediately sparked social media mockery and became an instant internet meme. The former First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond, the man behind the 2014 Scottish indepence referendum, posted a tweet with him standing in a field with a the caption, "Tempted to be naughty."

Other politicians standing for office and Twitter users joined in on the fun as well, while the hashtag #fieldsofwheat began to trend.