Muslim-led Campaign Raises Thousands to Help Victims of London Attack

'Muslims United for London' crowdfunding campaign increases fundraising goal after strong show of support.

Flower tributes left on pavement on the edge of a police cordon near parliament in London, March 23, 2017
tim ireland/AP

A self-professed Muslim-led campaign has raised over 10,000 pounds ($12,500) in less than 15 hours with the aim of helping the victims and families of those affected by an attack in London on Wednesday that killed four, including the assailant.

In an updated posted on the crowdfunding page called "Muslims United for London," a man listed on the site as Muddassar Ahmed said that the campaign's fundraising goal had been increased to 20,000 pounds "due to high demand and a heartwarming response." As of Friday morning, some 17,000 pounds had been raised.

Ahmed's online profile said that he had been present at London's Parliament building during the attack and found it to be a "profoundly moving experience."

From the beginning, British authorities said the attack had been inspired by international terrorism and identified the perpetrator on Thursday as Khalid Masood, 52.

Though it was unclear how much of the donations had in fact come from members of Britain's Muslim community, the campaign noted that, "Though this is a Muslim-led campaign, we welcome our friends of other faiths and none to also contributed.