Munich Gunman Was Obsessed With Hitler, 'Hated Turks and Arabs,' Says Report

Investigators cited in German media report contradict former police statements that attack had no political motivation.

Alleged gunman behind mass shooting in Munich that left at least 9 dead. July 23, 2016.

DPA - An Iranian-German teenager who killed nine people during a mass shooting outside a Munich shopping center was a right-wing extremist who "hated Turks and Arabs," Germany's FAZ newspaper reported Wednesday citing investigators.

The 17-year-old was obsessed with Adolf Hitler, with whom he shared a birthday, was proud of his "Aryan" heritage and hated and felt superior to Turks and Arabs, the newspaper said in its report.

Ali David S opened fire outside a McDonald's restaurant in Munich's Olympia shopping center late Friday, killing nine people - most of them teenagers with a non-German heritage - and injuring dozens of other people before turning his semi-automatic pistol on himself.

The report contradicts statements by Bavarian officials and police, who have claimed that there was no political motivation behind the crime and that Ali David S had chosen his victims at random.