ISIS Claims Machete Attack in Belgium

Militant group says 'soldier of ISIS' carried out attack in Charleroi; assailant identified as Algerian national, 33, with criminal background; victims remain in artificial coma in hospital.

Police secure the area around a police building following a machete attack in Charleroi, Belgium, August 7, 2016.
Virginie Lefour, AFP

ISIS has said the machete attack that injured two female police officers in Charleroi on Saturday was carried out by a "soldier of ISIS," Belgian news website De Morgen reported on Sunday.

Two police officers were wounded near the city's police station by a machete-wielding assailant who shouted "Allahu Akbar," local police said.

Belgian officials have identified the assailant as a 33-year-old Algerian national who entered Belgium in 2012. The man has a history with "general crime," not with terrorism, according to De Morgen.

The two victims sustained severe wounds to the face and neck and reportedly remain in hospital in an induced coma. The assailant was shot on the scene and died shortly thereafter from his wounds.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel condemned the attack on Twitter on Saturday and said his thoughts go out to the victims and the police force.

Belgian Deputy Prime Minister Jan Jambon called the attack a "heinous act" and offered his support to the victims in a tweet. He added that OCAD, a government institution that monitors terror threats, is analyzing the incident.