Icelandic Jewish Community Welcomes Its First Permanent Torah Scroll

It took a year to finish writing the scroll donated by Uri Krauss of Zurich, Switzerland

Rabbi holds a Torah scroll aloft during Shabbat morning service at Temple Sinai in Oakland, California, February 1, 2020
Noah Berger,AP

Iceland welcomed its first permanent Torah scroll.

The final letters of the Torah were written at a reception last Thursday at the home of the U.S. ambassador to Iceland, Jeffrey Ross Gunter, who is Jewish, according to Chabad.

The new scroll, which took a year to write, was donated to the Jewish community of Reykjavik by Uri Krauss of Zurich, Switzerland.

On Sunday, members of the city’s Jewish community brought the Torah scroll to the local Chabad Jewish Center.

The Chabad center was opened in 2018, the first full-time Jewish institution on the island nation. It has been borrowing the Torah scroll used every Shabbat morning.