Himmler's Diary to Be Published in German Newspaper Bild

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From Vanessa Lapa’s documentary “The Decent One" on Heinrich Himmler. Credit: REALWORKS LTD.

The diary of Nazi SS leader Heinrich Himmler, which was discovered earlier this year filed in an archive in Russia, will be serialized in the German newspaper Bild starting on Tuesday.

The diary, actually a service calendar including dates, meetings and military decisions, was discovered in the Russian Military Archive in Podolsk. It was filed under Dnewnik, which is Russian for diary, the Daily Mail reported.

An entry in the 1,000-page diary in August 1941 revealed that Himmler, who was known to be squeamish at the sight of blood, almost fainted when the brains of a Jewish mass shooting victim at the edge of a pit outside of Minsk splattered on his coat, according to the Mail.

From Vanessa Lapa’s documentary “The Decent One" on Heinrich Himmler. Credit: Realworks LTD.

He writes in 1943 about witnessing the “effectiveness” of the diesel engines used to gas prisoners at the Sobibor death camp. That same day SS men threw a banquet in his honor, he recorded. He also calls for new guard dogs at the Auschwitz complex “capable of ripping apart everyone but their handlers,” according to the Mail.

In 1945, Himmler was captured by British soldiers in northern Germany, carrying falsified papers. He was recognized during his interrogation, which led him to bite down on a cyanide capsule hidden in one of his teeth. He died moments later.

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