France Questions 16-year-old Girl Suspected of ISIS Connections, Attack Plans

Judge may file terrorism charges against suspect who allegedly spread ISIS propaganda on social media.

A reservist gendarme and active duty soldiers stand guard a toll on a highway near Le Mans, in Yvre l'Eveque, northwestern France, on August 8, 2016.
Jean-Francois Monier, AFP

Paris prosecutors say a counterterrorism judge is questioning a 16-year-old French girl who allegedly supports the Islamic State group and is suspected of trying to perpetrate an attack.

The Paris prosecutor's office says the girl was using a social media app to spread calls by ISIS to commit violent acts.

Deputy prosecutor Laure Vermeersch said Monday that the judge may decide to file preliminary terrorism charges against the teenager who was arrested last week in a Paris suburb and has been held in custody since then.

The investigators said the girl was "extremely radicalized" and was the administrator of a chat group dedicated to ISIS propaganda on the Telegram app, which has been used by suspected jihadis to communicate.

Vermeersch said no specific targets had been mentioned by the teenager.