Former Nazi SS Officer Tied Up, Robbed in His House, German Network Reports

96-year-old admitted in a recently aired documentary to participating in a 1944 massacre, but claimed the victims were to blame for their own deaths

File photo: Memorial to victims of the Ascq massacre of 1944, France, May 2006.
Jiel Beaumadier

A 96-year-old former member of the Nazi SS was attacked, tied up and robbed inside his home by two unknown perpetrators posing as mailmen, German public broadcaster NDR reported Friday.

It was unclear whether the attack was politically or criminally motivated, and police only confirmed that a break-in had taken place in a town near Hanover.

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The nonagenarian appeared in a documentary that aired in November in which he admitted to participating in the 1944 Nazi massacre of 86 men in Ascq, France, but claimed that the victims were to blame for their own deaths. 

The prosecutor's office in Hildesheim launched an investigation into the man after the documentary aired on suspicion that he had engaged in inciteful speech. 

The office could not be reached for comment on Friday.

The former SS officer told NDR that the two men had stolen a folder full of documents, cash and other valuables. He added that he had been discovered by a carer who arrived at the house shortly after.