F-16 Fighter Plane Accidentally Attacks Control Tower

The incident occurred in Norway when one of two jets drilling a mock attack fired a machine-gun at the wrong target.

Lockheed Martin F-16 fighter jet at the 49th Paris Air Show at Le Bourget airport, 2011.
Francois Mori / AP

A Norwegian fighter jet shot at a control tower during a training exercise, British media reported on Monday.

The three officers inside survived unhurt, the Guardian newspaper reported, quoting Norway's military.

Two F-16s were taking part in a mock attack on an uninhabited island off Norway’s coast, when machine gun fire was shot from an M61 Vulcan cannon from one of the planes.

A hail of bullets hit the tower in the April 12 incident, but the officers inside were not injured, the reports said.

A similar incident occurred in 2009 when F-16s fired mistakenly at the same tower, piercing it but not causing any injury.