Dutch Coloring Book Featuring Hitler Pulled From Stores After Complaints

A page of the paint-by-numbers book invites people to fill in an image of the Nazi leader in his trademark uniform performing a Sieg Heil salute.

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Hitler found in a coloring book sold by Dutch chain Kruidvat.
Hitler found in a coloring book sold by Dutch chain Kruidvat.Credit: NL Times

A chain of Dutch stores was struggling Wednesday to explain why a color-by-numbers book that was found on its shelves until recently included an image of for people to color in.

"We're very sorry," said a spokesman of the Kruidvat chain, according to a report by the Dutch agency ANP.

The books were pulled after shoppers posted photos of one of the pages on the chain's Facebook page and several complaints were logged.

The page invites people to fill in in numbered segments, coloring an image of the dead leader in his trademark brown uniform performing a Sieg Heil salute with a globe in the background.

The book was made in India and distributed by Belgian publisher Trifora. According to NL Times, the book also contained pictures of Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein. "It is a nasty combination of circumstances," said a Trifora spokesperson. "We check the book on translations, but do not check all the coloring pictures. We probably should've, but it did not happen."

Kruidvat said there had been a regrettable mistake and said it would investigate how the page came to be included in the book.