Corbyn Blasts Criticism of U.K. Labour's anti-Semitism in Vice News Documentary

Newly released letters reveal that while he was a U.K. Parliament member, Jeremy Corbyn called on Britain's then-foreign secretary to sanction Israel.

Britain's opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn speaks at the Progress annual conference in London, U.K., May 14, 2016.
Hannah McKay, Reuters

U.K. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn slammed a Guardian opinion piece about Labour's anti-Semitism problem as "utterly disgusting, subliminal nastiness, the whole lot of it" in an immersive behind-the-scenes Vice News documentary.

In the film "Jeremy Corbyn: The Outsider," Corbyn adds that the author of the article, Jonathan Freedland, also a columnist for London's Jewish Chronicle, is "not a good guy at all" who "seems kind of obsessed with me."

Soon after the documentary was released on Wednesday, U.K.'s Jewish News reported on anti-Israel letters written by Corbyn while he was a British Parliament member in which he calls on Britain's then-Foreign Secretary William Hague to sanction Israel.

In the letters, he urges Hague to “stop allowing Israel’s criminal politicians to come to our country freely,” “end the siege of Gaza” and to “ensure the BBC portray Palestine fairly,” complaining that the national broadcaster “barely” mentioned “the Palestinian hunger strike!” Corbyn also wrote that Israel treats Palestinians “with disdain” and that its “victimization of the people of East Jerusalem is an abomination,” the Jewish News reported.

On the subject of banning Israeli politicians, Corbyn wrote: “I cannot help wondering how long successive governments are going to stand by pretending that an occupying power of so many years should be treated in the same way as the people whose land is not only occupied, but routinely confiscated.”

Corbyn is already under fire from British Jewish leaders who have voiced concerns that he is not doing enough to address anti-Semitism among party members.

"Jeremy Corbyn: The Outsider" Vice News