British PM on Hanukkah: Anti-Semitism Includes Those Who 'Question Israel's Right to Exist'

In a tweeted Hanukkah greeting, Theresa May called to redouble efforts against 'those who abhorrently use criticism of the Israeli government' in order to question Israel's right to exist

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May speaking in the House of Commons in London on December 13, 2017.

British Prime Minister Theresa May wished the U.K. Jewish community and Jews around the world a Happy Hanukkah in a video posted to Twitter, in which she called for a redoubling of efforts in the fight against anti-Semitism "in all its forms."

Those efforts, she continued, include "unequivocally condemning those who abhorrently use criticism of the Israeli government to question the right of Israel to exist."

Reflecting on the story of Hanukkah as a triumph of the Jewish people that "resisted a vile attempt to wipe out their religion and culture," she implored: "Let us draw hope from the message of Hanukkah, confident in our values and determined to defeat hatred and extremism."

In July, French President Emmanuel Macron also condemned Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism in France, saying that it has taken a new shape and that anti-Zionist and anti-Israel expressions should be opposed as a "new type of anti-Semitism."