British Man Convicted for anti-Semitic Harassment of Jewish Lawmaker

The hate campaign referred to Luciana Berger as evil and responsible for the death of Jesus.

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Luciana Berger, Britain's opposition Labour Party Shadow Minister for Mental Health attends the Labour Party conference, Brighton, U.K., September 30, 2015.
British lawmaker Luciana Berger.Credit: Reuters

A British court found a man guilty of waging an anti-Semitic internet campaign against a Jewish lawmaker.

Joshua Bonehill-Paine, 24, was convicted Wednesday of racial harassment for posting a series of articles online in which he targeted parliamentarian Luciana Berger.

The campaign, which Bonehill-Paine named “Operation Filthy Jew Bitch,” referred to Jewish lawmaker as evil and responsible for the death of Jesus. It also included Berger’s face superimposed onto the body of a rat, according to The Evening Standard.

Bonehill-Paine, who was arrested for the campaign in February, is currently serving a three-year prison sentence for promoting a far-right nationalist protest against the “Jewification of Great Britain” last year.

Berger testified in front of the court that Bonehill-Paine’s articles left her afraid.

“I felt sick, really I have received, as an MP, anti-Semitism since I was elected. The scale and body during this period, combined with articles, I felt very much under attack. It was all-consuming,” Berger said, according to The Evening Standard.

Berger has been the subject of anti-Semitic death threats and a hate campaign on social media.

Earlier this year, another British man, John Nimmo, pleaded guilty to sending Berger a death threat. He was investigated after Berger called police.

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