'Terrorist' Baby Faces Grilling by U.S. Officials After Granddad Botches Online Form

'They didn’t appear to have a sense of humor over it,' the baby's grandfather says

The gilded American eagle situated on the top of the U.S. Embassy in London.
Wikimedia Commons / Gilderien

The U.S. Embassy in London summoned a three-month-old baby for an interview after his grandfather made a mistake in filling in his travel documents, the Guardian reported Sunday.

The baby, Harvey Kenyon-Cairns, was scheduled to travel to the United States, but his grandfather, Paul Kenyon, mistakenly answered the question “Do you seek to engage in or have you ever engaged in terrorist activities, espionage, sabotage, or genocide?” in the affirmative when filling in the ESTA form on behalf of the three-month-old online, the British paper reported.

As a result the baby was refused travel to the U.S. "I couldn’t believe that they couldn’t see it was a genuine mistake and that a three-month-old baby would be no harm to anyone," Kenyon told the Guardian.

“Baby Harvey was good as gold for the interview and never cried once. I thought about taking him along in an orange jumpsuit, but thought better of it,” the Guardian quoted Kenyon as saying. “They didn’t appear to have a sense of humor over it at all and couldn’t see the funny side."

The paper reported that the U.S. did approve the baby's travel to the U.S., but that the visa only arrived late so that they had to buy another set of plane tickets.