Nazi-style Graffiti Defaces Paris-area Preschool Named for Anne Frank

French authorities vow to punish those responsible for the slogans painted in black in Montreuil that call to 'exterminate' the Jews and the Roma.

Swastikas and slogans calling to exterminate Jews and Roma were daubed on a kindergarten in France's Montreuil over Christmas 2016.
Juliette Timsit's Facebook page

A public kindergarten in a Paris suburb was defaced over Christmas with anti-Semitic and anti-Roma graffiti and swastikas.

French officials promised to punish those responsible for the slogans found painted in black on a gate and door of the preschool named for Anne Frank, in Montreuil.

The French-language slogans called to "exterminate all the dirty Jews and the Roma."

Former principal Juliette Timsit, who lives nearby believes the school where 106 three to six year old children are enrolled, was targeted because of its name.

“I woke up to see this on my beautiful little quiet school in my beautiful quiet neighborhood," Timsit wrote on her Facebook page alongside pictures of the graffiti. "It makes me cry."

Police launched an investigation and municipal workers painted over the slogans daubed on the walls.

“The inscriptions on Montreuil’s Anne Frank School are despicable. These actions will not remain unpunished.” France’s education minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem posted on Twitter.

Montreuil’s deputy mayor, Gaylord Le Chequer, said “such hatred actions and slogans do not belong in our city.”