Egypt Protesters Filter Back to the Streets Despite Government Warning

Four people were killed on Tuesday in clashes that erupted calling for Mubarak to step down, demonstrations inspired by unrest in Tunisia.

Dozens of Egyptian protesters gathered in central Cairo on Wednesday, a day after unprecedented demonstrations that called for an end to President Hosni Mubarak's 30 years in office, a security source said.

The source said protesters gathered outside a court complex in the centre of the capital, a place where some of Tuesday's protests also began. Security remains tight across the city and the Interior Ministry said it would not let protests resume and would arrest all protesters.

Egypt protest AP

"No provocative movements or protest gatherings or organizing marches or demonstrations will be allowed, and immediate legal procedures will be taken and participants will be handed over to investigating authorities," the state news agency MENA cited the Interior Ministry as saying.

Egyptian police fired teargas and water cannons to disperse the protesters in Cairo in the early hours of Wednesday morning after a day of unprecedented protests.

Some 20,000 demonstrators, complaining of poverty, corruption and repression and inspired by this month's downfall of the president of Tunisia, turned out to demand Mubarak step down.

Three protesters and one policeman were killed in the clashes.
Police used teargas to break up the protests and calm had returned to Cairo and other cities by Wednesday morning.

As the protests unfolded, United States urged all sides in Egypt to refrain from violence and said it wanted to see reforms to boost political and economic opportunity.