Bomb Threat Prompts Egypt-bound German Passenger Jet to Land

Police say they found no explosives on the Condor airlines passenger plane after it diverted to Budapest following a bomb threat made by telephone.

The Condor airlines Airbus A321 forced to land in Budapest due to a bomb threat stands on the tarmac at the airport in Budapest, Hungary December 7, 2015.

Police said they found no explosives on a German passenger plane after it diverted to Budapest on Monday following a bomb threat.

The jet operated by Condor airlines, heading from Berlin to Hurghada in Egypt, had turned back from Serbian airspace after the alert.

"Police have finished the search and have not found any explosives or explosive devices," Hungarian police spokeswoman Viktoria Csiszer-Kovacs said.

German airline Condor said it had received an "unspecified threat" made via telephone.

The incident came a month after the downing of a Russian airliner, also an Airbus A321, over Egypt on October 31, for which a group affiliated with ISIS claimed responsibility.

The Kremlin has since concluded a bomb destroyed the plane, killing 224 people.