Does Donald Trump Have ADHD?

A very short attention span could present a problem in the White House.

Donald Trump meets with students and educators at Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy in Cleveland, Ohio, September 8, 2016.
Evan Vucci, AP

A large number of people who know – or knew – Donald Trump well are saying he has a very short attention span, which could be a serious problem for an occupant of the Oval Office.

Quoting a long list of Trump's associates, employees and acquaintances, Politico Magazine published a feature on Thursday about his difficulty concentrating on a subject for long periods of time – which the Republican presidential nominee himself has admitted to many times.

None of the interviewees' disclosures are particularly new. Many articles asking whether Trump has ADHD or a short attention span have appeared in the press since he began his presidential campaign. Professional and amateur psychologists have been weighing in on the question for well over a year, and the verdict seems to be a resounding yes.

“I think he’s definitely got attention deficit disorder,” Trump biographer Michael D’Antonio told Politico. He said he found himself frustrated trying to get him to concentrate on answers to questions about his parents, his childhood, just about anything. “That doesn’t mean he isn’t really smart — it just means he’s not at his best when he’s asked to dwell on a topic.”

As Politico posits, perhaps Trump's fingers are not his shortest attribute after all.