Cruz: Trump Using Dirty Tricks, 'Threatening the Delegates' to Get Votes

Candidate for Republican presidential nomination lays into front-runner Donald Trump for questionable tactics in pursuing voter support.

US Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz addresses a rally at the Town and Country Resort and Convention Center on April 11, 2016 in San Diego, California.
Bill Wechter, AFP

AP - Texas Sen. Ted Cruz blasted rival Donald Trump in a radio interview Tuesday, using some of the harshest rhetoric of the campaign to date, accusing the Republican front-runner of "threatening the delegates," inciting violence and using dirty tricks to intimidate voters and delegates.

He also said that the billionaire is a bad businessman who has been surrounded by sycophants his entire career.

"Donald's whole pitch is he's a great businessman," Cruz said in the wide-ranging interview on the Glenn Beck radio show, adding that given how he runs his campaign, "it appears he can't run a lemonade stand."

Both campaigns are working tirelessly behind the scenes to secure delegates who will back them at the Republican Party convention this summer in Cleveland.