Ted Cruz: Jaffa Terror Attack Proves Trump Is Not Fit to Be U.S. President

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Scene of the attack in Jaffa.
Scene of the attack in Jaffa. Credit: Dudu Bachar

This article was originally published on Jewish Insider.

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz pointed to the recent terrorist attack in Jaffa, which tragically claimed the life of U.S. citizen Taylor Allen Force and left many others severely injured, to validate his claim that Donald Trump is not fit to be president of the United States.

“Anyone who can’t tell the difference between Israel and terrorists who stab innocent Americans, who blow up women and children, that raises real questions about their judgement to be commander-in-chief,” Cruz said during a campaign rally in Miami, Florida, on Wednesday.

Cruz was referring to Trump’s recent suggestion that he would take a “neutral” approach to try and pursue peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Attempting to establish himself as the only viable alternative to Trump, Cruz took aim at the Republican presidential front-runner’s lack of knowledge on foreign policy issues. “One of the reasons why we are seeing so much support coalescing behind my campaign is because people are looking for a commander-in-chief who understands the nature of our enemies and who understands our friends,” Cruz told reporters on Tuesday. “Donald Trump’s foreign policy inexperience was demonstrated by his statement two debates ago that he intends to be neutral between Israel and the Palestinians. Nobody who understands foreign affairs would say that, unless, perhaps, he were a liberal-Democrat.”

Cruz also noted that Trump’s stance on the Iran nuclear deal disqualifies him from becoming commander-in-chief. “Donald has said that if he was president, he would maintain the Iranian nuclear deal in place, and then he would go and try to renegotiate with the Ayatollah,” he stressed. ” Anyone who thinks he can go over and just renegotiate a deal with the Ayatollah doesn’t understand the nature of his adversary.”

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