Clinton Torches Sanders Over Her Loss to Trump: 'Hope He Doesn't Do It Again'

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Former U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lit into top-tier 2020 candidate Bernie Sanders on the "Howard Stern Show" last week. When Stern asked Clinton if she hated or was "upset" with Sanders, Clinton said "No, disappointed.”

She then offered a stark warning to the Democratic Party, “And I hope he doesn't do it again to whoever gets the nomination."

"Once is enough," Clinton added. "We have to join forces."

"Bernie could've endorsed you quicker," Howard Stern said to Clinton.

"He could've. He hurt me. There's no doubt about it, he hurt me."

Hillary Clinton on the Howard Stern Show Pt. 4

Sanders waited over a month to formally endorse Clinton in 2016 after losing the nomination to her in a highly contested fight that surprised many political observers. Sanders later joined Clinton on the campaign trail and became one of her top surrogates, she later wrote him a letter thanking him for his efforts. 

Stern mocked Sanders for his policy proposals, saying it was “like running for fifth grade class [president], I will give you free everything.” Clinton jumped in saying, yes, “free chocolate milk.” 

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Stern was a 2016 Clinton supporter despite frequently having Trump on as a guest on his show.

Stern later asked Clinton, "Do you ever just want to lay in bed and say f--- this? I'm going to go into full seclusion and they'll never hear from me again.”

"First of all that would only delight my adversaries, so I would never do that," Clinton replied. "But secondly I have this unique perspective. I have a particular understanding of the Russian threat." 

Clinton continued, "If I had lost to a normal Republican I would've been unhappy, but I wouldn't have had that pit in my stomach, like, 'What the heck? What's going to happen? What's he going to do next?' His impulsiveness, his vindictiveness. Where does this lead?"

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