DNC Day Two: All the Highlights as Hillary Clinton Makes History and Becomes the Nominee

Hillary Clinton: Glass ceiling was broken at DNC vote; Bill Clinton endorses his wife to great applause.

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Hillary Clinton was set to become the first woman presidential nominee of a major U.S. party on Tuesday, a historic moment that Democrats hope will help eclipse rancor between supporters of Clinton and her rival in the primary contests, Bernie Sanders.

The party will make its nomination on the second day of a convention that began on Monday with anti-Clinton feeling among die-hard Sanders supporters on full and vocal display.

Live blog:

6:16 A.M. IDT/11:17 P.M. EDT: Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton: Glass ceiling was broken at DNC vote

Addressing the Democratic National convention by video, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton thanked the crowed for the evening.

Hillary Clinton told Democrats they've "just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling" by nominating her for president.

Clinton was speaking to the Democratic convention by satellite video, and offering this message to any little girls who might have stayed up to see the historic moment Tuesday night: "I may become the first woman president, but one of you is next."

6:00 A.M. IDT/11:00 P.M. EDT: Actress Meryl Streep tells DNC: It takes grit and it takes grace to be the first woman 'anything'

"Hillary Clinton will be our first female president, and she will be a great president," Streep told the cheering crowd. "She will be the first, but she won't be the last."

5:10 A.M. IDT/10:10 P.M. EDT: Former President Bill Clinton endorses his wife, Hillary Clinton, at the DNC

At the Democratic National Convention, Former President Bill Clinton told the crowd of his first meeting with Hillary Clinton and their history together ever since.

Recounting their meeting at college, Bill Clinton noted that they had walked and laughed together ever since. Read more.

4:56 A.M. IST/ 9:56 EDT: Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright addresses the DNC 

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright tried to undercut Donald Trump's argument that he can lead the United States around the globe.

Albright told the Democrat National Convention that the GOP's White House nominee has "already done damage just by running for president." She noted that Trump has a "strange admiration for dictators," adding that a Trump victory in November "would be a gift" to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

3:47 A.M. IDT/8:47 P.M. EDT: Lena Dunham and America Ferrera take the stage at the DNC

3:33 A.M. IDT/ 8:33 P.M. EDT: Mothers of the Movement show their support for Clinton at DNC

A group of mothers who lost children to violence is drawing applause and chants of "black lives matter" at the Democratic National Convention.

The group is known as the Mothers of the Movement, and they include the mothers of Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner. These women have campaigned for Hillary Clinton across the country in recent months, advocating for criminal justice reforms and gun control.

2:06 A.M. EDT/7 P.M. EST: Democratic Party picks Hillary Clinton as presidential candidate

Breaking a historic barrier, Democrats triumphantly chose Hillary Clinton as their White House nominee Tuesday night, the first woman ever to lead a major political party into the general election.

Delegates erupted in cheers as Clinton's primary rival, Bernie Sanders, helped make it official when the roll call got to his home state of Vermont – an important show of unity for a party trying to heal deep divisions. Read more.

1:41 A.M. IDT/ 6:41 P.M. EDT: Clinton passes delegate vote threshold at DNC to secure Democratic presidential nomination 

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton secured theDemocratic Party's 2016 nomination for the White House on Tuesday, becoming the first woman to head the ticket of a major party in U.S. history. 

Delegates from South Dakota gave Clinton 15 votes, ensuring that she had more than the 2,383 votes needed to win the nomination during a state-by-state roll call at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia. Read more.

1:10 A.M. EDT/6:10 P.M. EDT: Bill Clinton gears up for a very personal DNC speech

It isn't only Hillary Clinton who is breaking a glass ceiling this week. Should she win on Election Day, her husband will become both the first male to be a first spouse and the first former president to reoccupy the White House from the East Wing. Read more.

12:27 A.M. IDT/ 5:25 P.M. EDT: Roll call for presidential nominee takes off at the Democratic National Convention. Read more.

12:25 A.M. IDT/5:25 P.M. EDT: Clinton, Sanders' names entered into nomination for president

Democrat Tulsi Gabbard enters Bernie Sanders into nomination for president, while Democrat Barbara Mikulski enters Hillary Clinton's name.

The Democratic National Convention is set to vote shortly for the party's presidential nominee for the November presidential election. 

12: 17 A.M. IDT/5:17 P.M. EDT: Gun control to take center stage at Democratic convention

Democrats were to hear Tuesday night from the "Mothers of the Movement," a group of women who have traveled the country to promote gun control and reforms to make police officers more accountable.

The group includes the mothers of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, victims of high-profile police-involved killings. They have campaigned with Clinton, who often refers to them as members of "a club no one wants to be a part of." Read more.

11:32 P.M. IDT/ 4:32 P.M. EDT: Democratic convention kicks off in Philadelphia. Roll call to nominate Hillary Clinton to begin in about one hour.

10:12 P.M. IDT/3:12 P.M. EDT Undeterred by Sen. Bernie Sanders' plea for party unity behind Hillary Clinton, Sanders supporters chanting "Bernie or bust!" took to the streets under the hot sun Tuesday for more demonstrations on Day 2 of the Democratic convention.

Several hundred gathered around noon in a rally at City Hall with plans to join up in the afternoon with groups decrying police brutality and economic injustice. Together they planned to march the 4 miles down Broad Street to the convention site. Read more

6:06 P.M. IDT/11:06 A.M. EDT Tim Canova, a political novice who wants to unseat Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is reaping big financial rewards from days of nonstop publicity about her resignation from the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee after a hack of embarrassing party emails.

4:58 P.M. IDT/9:58 A.M. EDT The Kremlin dismissed as absurd the allegations that it was behind the hacking of U.S. Democratic Party emails, saying unidentified individuals were trying to cynically exploit fear of Russia for electoral purposes.

3:27 P.M. IDT/8:27 A.M. EDT Simone Zimmerman, the 25-year-old activist who served very briefly as Bernie Sanders' Jewish outreach coordinator before being fired after an old Facebook post in which she used profanity against Netanyahu surfaced, breaks her silence on Sanders and the U.S. Jewish establishment.

12:48 P.M. IDT/5:48 A.M. EDT An email leak that led to the resignation of Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz could plague her bid for re-election to Congress, after a challenger said he would file a complaint alleging she had broken election rules.

Political newcomer Tim Canova, who is challenging Wasserman Schultz in the Aug. 30 Democratic primary for her House of Representatives seat representing Florida's 23rd Congressional District, said he would file the complaint against her with the U.S. Federal Election Commission. Read more.