'The Whole Country Is Overwhelmed With Joy': China Releases Propaganda Rap Video

In latest attempt to engage youths, Chinese propagandists release a rap video lauding president's reforms; the public, however, was underwhelmed.

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A cartoon of Xi Jinping, as seen on rap video made by the Chinese CCTV.
A cartoon of Xi Jinping, as seen on rap video made by the Chinese CCTV.Credit: YouTube

Aiming to raise the younger generation's awareness of China's economic reform and fight against corruption, state propagandists have taken a leaf out of First Lady Michelle Obama's book: Yes, they released a rap video, featuring Chinese President Xi Jinping. 

The cartoon rap, put online on Saturday by the state-run CCTV, marks the two-year anniversary of the catchily-named Central Leading Group for Comprehensively Deepening Reforms, a committee set up and headed by the Chinese president, and lauds its achievements.

“The group is two years old; it has done quite a lot. Tigers, flies, big foxes, CATCH CATCH CATCH CATCH!” goes the song, according to Hong Kong's South China Morning Post. The line is followed by a soundbite from President Xi: "All corruption must be punished. Every corrupt official must be prosecuted.”

CCTV Communist corruption rap feat President Xi JinPing

The Chinese president, affably nicknamed "Big Daddy Xi," apparently did not contribute any studio time, and his soundbites were lifted from public speeches. 

More memorable lyrics follow: "Rule the party strictly/ Govern the country by law / [The whole country] is overwhelmed with joy."

One favorite, which possibly sounds better in the original, is: "[Must] streamline the administration and delegate power to lower levels." 

According to the Morning Post, the rap is another attempt by state propagandists to engage the younger generation. Previous attempts included a cartoon featuring top officials of the Chinese Communist Party, and a music video about the five-year plan. 

However, the Internet was not impressed by Xi's rhymes, and the video gathered only several hundred views on the state's Sina web portal since its Saturday launch. "All you can do is shout slogans, like a religious cult. Fuck you!” one commentator wrote, the Guardian reported

For the full lyrics, go to the Morning Post report.

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