Bill Maher Slams 'Crazy' Social Justice Warriors as Trump and Kavanaugh Win

'Oh, you know what? They’re going to go after my high school record. That’s fair game now. And it becomes sort of a privacy thing'

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Image of Bill Maher on the latest episode of 'Real Time with Bill Maher'
Image of Bill Maher on the latest episode of HBO's 'Real Time with Bill Maher,' October 5, 2018Credit: Screen shot

HBO’s late-night political satirist, Bill Maher, slammed social justice warriors Friday night on his show "Real Time" as their efforts to thwart Trump Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh from being confirmed appeared to have failed.

“There are social justice warriors who are crazy enough in this country, I fight with them all the time, who… they lend enough credence to this to make people think, ‘Oh, you know what? They’re going to go after my high school record. That’s fair game now.’ And it becomes sort of a privacy thing,” argued Maher. 

Maher slammed the left’s tactics while joking about the absurd reality that conservatives maintain control over the U.S. government despite not winning recent popular votes in presidential elections.

Real Time With Bill Maher 10/05/2018 (HBO) [FULL HD]

“Liberals must stop chasing conservatives out of restaurants. They have done it to Sarah Huckabee Sanders. They've done it to Kirstjen Nielsen. They've done it to Stephen Miller. And, last Monday, it happened again when Ted Cruz and his wife went out to dinner and were bombarded by a chant of, 'We believe survivors.' So I'm guessing the restaurant was Chipotle."

New Rule: Power Begets Power | Real Time with Bill MaherCredit: HBO

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"But this is the new deal. Conservatives get to run America and we get to ruin their dinner,” joked Maher.  “And listen, I get it. Nobody wants to see Ted Cruz when they're eating... But we need to get people like Ted Cruz out of power, not out of restaurants.”

Doris Kearns Goodwin: Primus Inter Pares | Real Time with Bill MaherCredit: HBO

"Trump likes to say, 'the system's rigged.' Yeah, it's rigged, you're president," Maher said. "He leaves out the part that it's rigged for them. The electoral college helps Republicans. The fact that every state gets two Senators helps Republicans. [Senator] Mike Enzi of Wyoming represents 287,000 people; [Senator] Kamala Harris represents 20 million. Why is Wyoming even a state?"

"The constitution is not on our side," Maher complained. "Bush the Second and Trump both lost the popular vote. They shouldn't be picking Supreme Court justices at all. Had the Democrats who actually won the popular vote been in the Oval Office we'd now have a 7-to-2 liberal majority on the Court."

Maher also fumed at Kavanaugh directly and the FBI investigation that preceded his confirmation.

“It was a total sham,” said Maher. “There are some things about this that we will never know, I account for that. But you know what? I think what bothers a lot of people—and what bothers me—is that for sure [Kavanaugh] is a liar, also was a huge drunk, maybe not now. And the FBI report was a sham. They had no time to do it. They interviewed all of nine people. Trump was like, ‘Can I get these guys to do my crimes?’”

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