Nazi-themed Cafe in Indonesia Shuts Down for Good

The 'Soldaten Kaffee,' which features a giant picture of Hitler and an array of swastikas, was forced to close in 2013 but reopened a year later.

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A customer at SoldatenKaffee wearing WWII-motif military uniform bearing a Nazi's swastika insignia, June 21, 2014.
Soldaten Kaffee in Bandung, Indonesia is said to close for good.Credit: AFP

A Nazi-themed cafe in central Indonesia has been shut down, this time for good, its owner said on Thursday.

The "Soldaten Kaffee," of Soldier's Cafe in Bandung, the capital of West Java province, was forced to close down in 2013 following criticism of its Nazi decorations, including a giant picture of Adolf Hitler and an array of swastikas.

Its menu included Nazi goreng, a play on the popular Indonesian dish nasi goreng, or fried rice. 

It was then reopened in 2014, with the theme broadened to include World War II images in general, but some Nazi images were retained. 

Soldaten Kaffee owner Henry Mulyana confirmed to DPA that the cafe had been closed again, but declined to say why.

Mulyana has denied that he is a Nazi sympathizer, saying that he is a World War II history aficionado and member of a local WWII reenactment community.