At Least One Killed, Dozens Wounded in Sudan Pro-democracy Protests

A 28-year-old man died after being shot by security forces near the capital Khartoum, a medical union says, a day after scores of protesters marched on the presidential palace

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People march to the presidential palace in Khartoum, Sudan, on Sunday.
People march to the presidential palace in Khartoum, Sudan, on Sunday.Credit: Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah/Reuters

At least one Sudanese protester was killed on Sunday by security forces and dozens were wounded as hundreds of thousands marched across the country in support of a civilian government, marking the third anniversary of protests that led to the overthrow of long-ruling Islamist autocrat Omar al-Bashir.

The Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors, a pro-democracy union, confirmed on Monday the death of a 28-year-old protester, Mohammed Majzoub Ahmed, east of the capital Khartoum. He was hit in the chest with live fire, the group said.

According to the organization's tally, Ahmed is the 46th person killed in crackdowns on protesters since the October 25 military coup.

The group said they are working to verify reports of more casualties in clashes between protesters and security forces across the country. In a statement, the group condemned security forces' excessive use of force against peaceful protesters in Khartoum and elsewhere in Sudan.

The Sudanese Health Ministry reported that 121 protesters were wounded in Khartoum and two more in the eastern city of Kassala, but confirmed no deaths.

A wounded Sudanese protester falls on the pavement after security forces fired tear gas, in the capital Khartoum on Sunday.Credit: - - AFP

Sunday's marches, in protest of the October 25 coup, were met with volleys of tear gas and stun grenades from security forces.

Some protesters managed to reach the gates of the presidential palace in Khartoum and the protest's organizers called on more to join a planned sit-in there after sundown, but live video footage showed those who remained being tear gassed heavily.

Medics affiliated with the protest movement accused security forces in a statement of using live bullets and heavy tear gas to disperse the sit-in, assaulting protesters and stealing their personal property. They also accused them of encircling hospitals and firing tear gas at the entrances.

The outpouring of protest, the ninth major demonstration since the coup and one of the largest, marked the 2018 burning of a ruling party building, which touched off the popular uprising against Bashir's rule.

Protests against the coup have continued even after the reinstatement of the prime minister last month, with demonstrators demanding no more military involvement at all in government in a transition towards free elections.

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