Republicans Forced to Shut Chat on Livestream Over anti-Semitic Abuse

Cheers for Hitler and calls to outlaw the Jews force the GOP to shut the live chat feature on the live stream of its four-day convention in Cleveland.

Screenshot of anti-Semitic epithets posted as Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle addresses the RNC on  July 18, 2016.
YouTube screenshot

The Republican Party was forced to shut the live chat feature on its YouTube livestream of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland due to anti-Semitic remarks posted by self-proclaimed Donald Trump supporters.

The four-day convention, expected to formalize Donald Trump's nomination for U.S. president, kicked off on Monday.

The Jew-bashing occurred as former Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle, who is Jewish, was plugging the GOP's support for Israel, while accusing the Democrats of showing hostility toward the country.

Epithets posted by Trump fans during that speech included expressions of support for Hitler and comments including “Make America Jewish Again” punctuated by yellow stars of David and “Ban Jews.”

Lingle, Hawaii’s governor from 2002 to 2010, is currently the chief operating officer of Illinois.