Ann Coulter Sparks Online Storm With Tweet Echoing Nazi Law

Twitter users remind the right-wing commentator that her wish not to allow grandchildren of immigrants to vote in the U.S. election sounds like Nuremburg and disqualifies Trump.

Ann Coulter

Extreme right-wing commentator Ann Coulter sparked a Twitter storm with a post that reached deep into anti-immigrant sentiment on Monday night.

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"If only people with at least 4 grandparents born in America were voting, Trump would win a 50-state landslide," she proclaimed on her account. The echo of the Nazi laws, which deprived Germans of rights even if they had just one Jewish grandparent, was not lost on the public, many of whom quickly struck back at Coulter.

"You pulled this idea straight from Nazi Germany 'blood' laws," declared Twitter user EmergingEnigma. The Huffington Post reported similar reactions, such as "Ann Coulter's disgusting 'four grandparents' reference recalls the Mischling Test, a Nazi way to identify 'pure-blood' Germans versus Jews," Tweeted by Christine Brandt, and "@AnnCoulter's tweet from 1933 Germany" by Greg Iles.

Others, like The Daily Show's Trevor Noah, honed in on the irony that Donald Trump would not be able to vote were Coulter to get her wish made true.

But, as Huffington Post pointed out, news executive Jim Roberts had the final word: "Well, they aren't so he won't."