WATCH: Canada's Justin Trudeau Holds Intimate Passover Seder With Jewish Staffers

While Trump opted not to attend the White House seder, Canada's leader went full kippa for his, hosting Jewish staffers for traditional meal.

FILE PHOTO: Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrives for a meeting with  United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres at the UN headquarters in New York on April 6, 2017.

While U.S. President Donald Trump broke with the tradition established by his predecessor and decided not to attend the White House's annual Passover seder, Canada's Prime Minister Trudeau went full kippa for his, hosting a group of Jewish staffers and aides for an intimate dinner.

In the video, a smiling Trudeau is seen sitting around a traditional Passover dinner table, passing around the special Passover plate and even reading from the Haggadah.

WATCH: Canada's Justin Trudeau holds intimate Passover seder with Jewish staffers Trudeau's Instagram account

Not only did Trump not show up to a last-minute seder dinner organized by Jewish staffers at the White House, none of the president's Jewish family members attended the event, which took place not in the White House itself, but in the nearby Executive Office building.