U.S. Holocaust Museum Campaigns on Behalf of Besieged Syrian Civilians in Aleppo

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Civilians flee Aleppo on August 10, 2016.
Civilians flee Aleppo on August 10, 2016. Credit: Rodi Said/Reuters

The United States Holocaust Museum in Washington is showing videos of the dire humanitarian situation in war-torn Aleppo to campaign for international steps to protect civilians there, Foreign Policy says.

In the video called #SaveSyria, Syrians and a Syrian-American aid worker urge a no-fly zone humanitarian corridor over the area to permit critical supplies to reach civilians in eastern Aleppo.

Doctors talk about their struggle to save the seriously wounded. The footage, which is preceded by a "graphic content" warning, also shows a barrel bomb blast and  a child killed by flying shrapnel.

Aleppo has been under heavy bombardment since an advance by rebels there in the past week.

The United Nations has demanded a ceasefire in Aleppo where it estimates the fighting has trapped more than a quarter of a million people in rebel held east Aleppo, since the closure of a key access route.

“This is a turning point,” Foreign Policy quotes Cameron Hudson, a director at the museum, as saying.

“If the town is destroyed, it could double the death count in the conflict, and be a harbinger of an even worse calamity to come..

“The world is facing another Srebrenica moment,” said Hudson. “There can be no greater priority right now than guaranteeing humanitarian access, protecting civilian populations and preventing a massive, imminent loss of life.”

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