Threat to Kansas City Jewish Community Reportedly Investigated and Resolved

Local head of Jewish Federation sends letter to public informing them of threat 'to the broader Jewish community,' adding that law enforcement officials have since resolved the situation.

A police officer from Overland Park, Kansas, guarding the entrance to the scene of a shooting at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City, April 13, 2014.

Kansas City law enforcement has resolved a potential threat against the city's Jewish community, according to a letter from local Jewish Federation head Helene Lotman.

The local Jewish community first became aware of a threat "to the broader Jewish community" on Tuesday, Lotman wrote, as reported by the Kansas City Star.

"Working in collaboration with law enforcement officials, immediate steps were taken by our Director of Community Security to secure our facilities. Law enforcement has since resolved the situation, and we continue to work with local and national officials to maintain a safe and secure community," Lotman continued, adding that community facilities will remain open “with regular security protocols in place, and normal activities will continue as scheduled.”

A federation spokesperson reportedly said there was no further information to provide, and an FBI spokesperson could not comment whether they were investigating.

Three people were shot dead outside Jewish facilities in Kansas City by a white supremacist in April 2014. The assailant, Frazier Glenn Miller Jr., said he shot his victims outside the local Jewish Community Center and Jewish retirement center because he wanted to kill Jews before he died. He was sentenced to death for the killings in November 2015.