Police Treating Death of Canadian Jewish Billionaire Couple Honey and Barry Sherman as Murder

The Shermans were found dead in their home in December. Findings of private investigators cast doubt on previous police claim of murder-suicide

In this Oct. 15, 2017 photo provided by the United Jewish Appeal via Canadian Press, Barry and Honey Sherman pose for a photo in Toronto, Canada.

Canadian Jewish billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman were murdered in a targeted killing, Toronto police said on Friday, but no one has been charged in their deaths.

Police disclosed that they were treating the case as murders six weeks after the Shermans were found dead. They were hanging by belts from a railing next to a swimming pool in their home, a friend close to the family told Reuters. 

Last week, media reports based on statements by private investigators hired by the Sherman family claimed that the couple was murdered in a professional contract killing.

According to a source close to the investigation, the conclusions drawn by a team of experts hired by the Sherman family cast doubt on the prior assumption that the couple's death in December had been a murder-suicide, indicating instead a double-homicide.

A top forensic pathologist who carried out a second autopsy uncovered the existence of rope marks on the victims' wrists, suggesting that they had at some point been tied up, the report said. No ropes or similar materials that could have caused the marks were found near the bodies, further increasing suspicion.

The sources that provided the information for the report were not identified as they were not authorized to discuss the case.