After the Long Awaited Wedding, Here Comes the Long Awaited Honeymoon

Newlyweds Prince William and Kate Middleton set off to the Seychelles for a romantic two-week holiday.

Eleven days after Prince William wed long-term girlfriend Kate Middleton in Westminster Abbey with the world watching every move they made and analyzing every hat of every guest, the young royals, are finally off on their honeymoon.

The couple, now known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, landed in the Seychelles Tuesday morning for what they hope will be a romantic, and private, two-week holiday.

Prince William and Kate April 30 2011

After many days of intense speculation over when they would leave for their honeymoon, and thousands upon thousands of words of written and spoken in the media speculating on where they would go, the couple left their home in Anglesey, north Wales on Monday night, accompanied by a police Range Rover piled high with luggage.

A private jet soon whisked them away into the unknown while the Palace tried to keep the exact location of their destination a secret, telling the press that it was a private vacation and all but pleading with everyone to leave them alone. "We are just confirming they have gone,” was the only official word.

With rumors rife that the royals were heading to Africa, no, wait, Jordan, ah, maybe the Caribbean or Australia, the world waited with bated breath for their plane to land.

And, indeed at 7:20am local time their plane arrived at the international airport on Mahé, in the Seychelles, and the couple continued on to a yet undisclosed island. With 115 islands on the archipelago, they have plenty of idylls to choose from.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been to the Seychelles together before. They spent a week there in August 2007 on the island of Desroches. At the time, Prince William is reported to have told islanders that the trip was the best holiday of his life.

Meanwhile, in something of a taste of what might lie ahead for any paparazzi lurking around, on Monday the Middleton family complained to the Press Complaints Commission after old photographs of Kate, her sister Pippa Middleton and their mother, Carole, wearing bikinis while on holiday with Prince William on a yacht off Ibiza in 2006, were published in four local newspapers.