Report: Sheldon Adelson in Talks With NFL's Oakland Raiders Over Possible Las Vegas Move

Adelson met with Raiders owner Mark Davis to discuss the potential development of a stadium with a capacity of 65,000 in Las Vegas.

In this May 4, 2015, file photo, Las Vegas Sands Corp. Chairman and CEO Sheldon Adelson speaks in Las Vegas.

Politically influential Jewish-American billionaire Sheldon Adelson made his money in the casino industry, expanded his name recognition by diving into the media industry and now may be preparing to invest in the United States' lucrative world of sports, according to a report in The Guardian.

Adelson met with Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis on Friday to discuss the potential development of a stadium with a capacity of 65,000 in Las Vegas, Adelson's hometown which has been for its own professional sports team for some time.

Davis told the Guardian he could "neither confirm nor deny" anything, but a memo leaked on Thursday suggested that team officials were "scheduled to travel to Las Vegas and tour locations around the valley for a potential new home."

According to the memo, the specific site up for consideration is on the University of Nevada Las Vegas campus.

In an NFL memo on the matter, the league reminded that "there is no prohibition under league rules on a team moving to any city," adding that three-fourths of member clubs must approve any team move and that if an official proposal was sent to the league, it would be considered under the league's relocation policies.

Adelson's business dealings are often the subject of significant scrutiny, partly due to his relationships with and donations to Republican politicians over the years.

Most recently, Adelson's secret purchase of the Las Vegas Review-Journal made headlines nation-wide when the publication's team of journalists launched an investigation that eventually revealed who their new boss was.