Anti-Semitic Meme Used by Trump Was Taken From White Supremacist Message Board

Website reveals that meme declaring Hillary Clinton to be the 'most corrupt candidate ever,' featuring a Star of David, was posted on an online neo-Nazi message board over a week before Trump tweeted it.

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Before and after: Screen grab of Donald Trump's tweets of an image of Hillary Clinton with the words "Most Corrupt Candidate Ever," first (R) on a Star of David-like form, then (L) on a circle. July 2, 2016.
Before and after: Screengrab of Trump's tweets of an image of Hillary Clinton with the words 'Most Corrupt Candidate Ever,' first (R) on a Star of David-like form, then (L) on a circle. July 2016Credit: Twitter

An anti-Semitic image of Hilary Clinton with a Star of David and pile of cash that Donald Trump used in a tweet on Saturday was created by American white supremacists, the website reported on Sunday.

The tweet was titled "Crooked Hilary – Makes History!," while the Star of David contained the words "Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!"

It was promptly edited – with a circle replacing the Star of David – following an online backlash criticizing it as anti-Semitic.

According to the article in, the image was previously featured on an online message board used by alt-right, a digital movement of neo-Nazis, anti-Semites and white supremacists. Its first known appearance was on June 22, over a week before Trump ensured its place in history.

The image also appeared on a Twitter account that regularly tweets violent, racist memes, according to They include violent propaganda against Muslims and immigrants and racist images of Clinton.

"White supremacists rally on the internet to expose what they believe to be a vast anti-white conspiracy in which Jews have paid off politicians and infiltrated the media to undermine Western society from the top down," wrote.

"The Clinton meme Trump tweeted — which first appeared on perhaps the biggest bastion of the anti-Semitic alt-right — has brought that same hateful paranoia into the mainstream."

It goes on to say that "One relationship of particular importance to their 'anti-White conspiracy' is that between Jewish reporters and Hillary Clinton, whom they believe to be working in tandem to undermine the Western world."

According to The Daily Beast, the meme was first created by Twitter user @FishBoneHead1, a self-proclaimed comedian, before appearing on 8chan.

Meanwhile, Trump's former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, now a CNN contributor, said yesterday that "a tweet is a simple tweet" and that people were "reading things that just aren’t there" into the use of the Star of David.

"This is a simple star, the same star that sheriff's department use across the country to represent law enforcement," Lewandowski said.

He described the controversy over the star as "political correctness run amuck and accused the mainstream media of "trying to attack Donald Trump for something that isn't there."

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