Paris Bridge Buckles Under the Weight of Love

Railings of the Pont des Arts bridge buckled under the weight of the thousands of 'love locks'adorning it.

Padlocks, known locally as 'Love locks' sit on the Pont des Arts footbridge.
Padlocks, known locally as 'Love locks,' sit on the Pont des Arts footbridge, in Paris, France, on Monday, June 9, 2014. Bloomberg

The Paris bridge known around the world for the thousands of locks adorning it in a testament to love has partly collapsed from the weight of its heavy decoration.

People were evacuated from the Pont des Arts bridge over the River Seine on Sunday, after 2.4 meters of its railings were no longer able to bear the weight of the "love locks," which are attached routinely to the bridge by couples as symbols of their love.

According to architects, if the locks are not removed, other parts of the 150-meter bridge's iron and wood structure could also buckle under the weight and possible break away and fall into the river, according to AFP.

People have attaching locks to the bridge since 2008. Today, the locks the length of the bridge.

Each week, the city removes hundreds of locks, but new ones quickly replace them.

Not everyone is a fan of the locks. Two young Americans in Paris launched a petition in March to demanding the removal of the locks, because they damage the bridges and are unsightly. They have collected thousands of signatures.