Ukrainian Women Target Russians With Sex Boycott

'Don't give it to a Russian' campaign, which urges Ukraine's women to keep their legs closed to Russian men, has a bizarre Israel connection.

Don't give it to a Russian
T-shirts with the logo of the "Don't give it to a Russian" campaign, from the group's Facebook page.

Why stick to boycotting Russian caviar or babushka dolls when you can embargo sex?

That's the approach of a new campaign called "Don't give it to a Russian," which urges Ukrainian women to keep their legs closed to Russian men, according to various media reports.

The campaign, which comes amid a general boycott of Russian consumer goods, is being spread through billboards, T-shirts and a Facebook page that has garnered more than 2,200 "likes."

Israel actually played a minor, if somewhat bizarre, role in the boycott, when a Photoshopped photograph of Russian opposition figure Valeriya Novodvorskaya was circulated online this week that showed her wearing the shirt as she sits in front of a small Israeli flag, according to Global Voices Online.

It said the altered photo prompted Russians to heap ridicule on the campaign and that the original photograph came from an interview Novodvorskaya gave in July on Russian-Israeli relations.